Jan Hammer – No Fear (Barnaby Bruce rework)

The original of this tune is from a 1974 album with guitarist/violinist/singer Jerry Goodman.  Most of the tunes are collaborations, but this one is just Jan.  It’s insanely fast synth-heavy fusion.  A great track, but I decided to slow it down a lot, build the intro, and put the solo sections together.  I also added drums, bass, some pads and plenty of percussion, which gives it a very different feel.

You can hear the original here.

‘Séance Fiction’ – due out in 2015

Just finished a mix of this one – quite a spooky synth-funk track, which is also an attempt at debunking psychic phenomena of the spiritual kind.

Current release schedule is on Palms & Charms mid-2015.  Should be a double-A side with ‘Sweat on Velvet’, which will also have a rather splendid Pete Herbert remix.

‘This Time Around’ featured on Bill Brewster’s DJ History Podcast


Bill Brewster has featured ‘This Time Around’ on his DJ History Podcast! Bill is the co-author of the definitive history of DJing ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life‘, as well as running the very well-regarded DJ History blog, so I’m flattered to be included in his show.

Click here for the track listing, and here to download or stream the podcast.